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From Seth Budick

Farmersmarket_4 This past week we welcomed Santiago Farms and their delicious fresh blackberries to the market. Blackberries, when they're available, can be very tart, so I was pleased and surprised to taste Santiago's luscious fruit. Santiago, as well as Tamai farms, also have raspberries for sale, so if you're a berry lover, you'll want to get down to the market for the brief Southern California season.

Last week I told you about the jujube, or Chinese date, that Walker Farms, and now Uh's ranch, have available at the market. After a lot of experimenting with this fruit, I've concluded that jujubes benefit enormously from drying, after which they take on a custardy texture with the flavor of slightly tart apples and definite hints of date. Let the fruit ripen for a few days after getting it home, until the skin turns brown and begins to shrivel. Prick a few holes in the skin and place the jujubes on a baking sheet in your oven for about 45 minutes at 275 degrees. Dried jujubes make a great snack and if Chinese medicine is correct, can cure just about anything, ranging from insomnia to respiratory problems.

I'm putting the finishing touches on an overhauled market website at which will be up within the next few days and will include recipes and nutritional information about the produce available at the market, as well as continued updates on everything in season each week. I did find time though to make a peach cobbler using Uh's Ranch's delicious yellow peaches which, with some vanilla ice cream, made me dread the end of peach season. This cobbler recipe is short and sweet and is really heavenly. Remove the skins (by dipping in boiling water) from 3 medium peaches and slice. Heat the peaches in a sauce pan together with 1C water, 3/4C sugar and 1tbsp cornstarch. Meanwhile, sift together 1C flour, 1/2 tsp salt, 2 tsp baking powder and 1tbsp sugar. Combine 3oz milk with 6tbsp melted butter and stir into dry ingredients. Pour the fruit into a 9" casserole pan and mix in 1tbsp butter and 1/2 tsp cinnamon. Spoon the dough over the fruit and bake 35 minutes at 350. Just make sure to let the cobbler cool before cutting in!

Please stop by the market for fresh, field-ripened, high quality produce from local farmers and spend time with your friends, neighbors and other community members.

The Highland Park Certified Farmers Market is located adjacent to the Highland Park Gold Line station at Marmion Way between Ave. 57 & 58 and operates Tuesdays from 3-8 pm.

Visit the market website at Also visit to see where your produce is coming from!

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