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On April 28th and 29th, Mayor Villaraigosa's Days of Service partners once again with BIG SUNDAY to create BIG SUNDAY '07 - All Over Town. All Weekend Long. It will be the largest ever weekend of community service and community building in the nation, with projects all over the City and in neighborhoods near you. To sign up and for more details, go to

Last year, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa presents BIG SUNDAY '06, a partnership between BIG SUNDAY and the Mayor's Days of Service, resulted in more than 32,000 volunteers from hundreds of congregations, schools, offices, clubs, and other groups volunteering at nearly 250 different non-profits, giving it the record for the largest city-wide volunteer day in America. In fact, the partnership was so successful that this year, we're expanding to two days -- it will be a great weekend of good works and good will.

There are volunteer opportunities for every passion, every talent, and every age. Projects are scheduled throughout the weekend to work with any schedule.

Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa presents BIG SUNDAY '07 is a partnership that is not just about community service. It is about community building, too. You see, the idea behind BIG SUNDAY is that no matter who you are, no matter where you live, no matter what you do, everyone has some way they can help someone else.


To sign up for BIG SUNDAY '07, go to

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In season at the Old LA (Highland Park) Farmers Market

By Seth Budick - -Cross-posted from NelaList:

New items at the farmers market this past week included beautiful baby eggplants as well as early season purple and Italian basil from Frog Dog Farms. Walker Farms also brought Fava beans, that short season delicacy, to the market for the first time. Between the wonderful citrus, strawberries, avocados and greens like spinach, broccoli, you should have no problem doing your produce shopping for the week. Take a look at to see what's in season and plan
your meals for the week.

In addition to fruits and vegetables, you can also treat yourself to the usual assortment of artisanal cheeses, fruit preserves, fresh honey and roasted nuts. Of course dinner at the market is also a treat with tamales, honey-pineapple and rotisseried chicken, and fresh roasted corn and potatoes all available.

Please stop by the market for fresh, field-ripened, high quality produce from local farmers and spend time with your friends, neighbors and other community members.

The Highland Park Certified Farmers Market is located adjacent to the Highland Park Gold Line station at Marmion Way between Ave. 57 & 58 and operates Tuesdays from 3-8PM.

Seth Budick

Chavez Ravine

I enjoy baseball. I enjoy the Dodgers.  Last weekend's tributes to Jackie Robinson were moving and right and fitting.  But I believe some tribute, some brief moment of remembrance, is also owed to the community that occupied Chavez Ravine before Dodger Stadium.

Younger residents and newcomers to L.A. may not know of The Battle of Chavez Ravine, or Manuel Arechiga's last stand on the site of his demolished home, before he finally relented to the City's offer of $10,500.

Here are some links to the history of that time

From Wikipedia:

From PBS Independent Lens:

The PBS site includes a particularly poignant set of  photographs taken in 1949 by Don Normark