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Ribet Academy Football: meet the fighting frogs!

Ribet Academy! Over on 2911 San Fernando Road, just before you hit the (2) Ad_nophoto_3 two Freeway. That's where I went to High School. I graduated there in 2002 and it was off to UCLA, my first pick AND my school of choice. That's right baby!

1210477873_lI always loved to play sports...well, basketball mainly. When it was off to UCLA I played basketball at the Wooden Center almost every day. It was my getaway from the hectic schedule of college life and a full time job. And guess who played with me? Adam Sandler! Yes it's true, see for yourself.

Ok, enough about me, let's talk Ribet Academy football!

Ribet, 1-0 in San Joaquin League play, and 1-2 overall, ran into a Linfield offense that was efficient in the run game and used the pass sparingly. We lost this one but Linfield, we'll see you again.

The Ribet highlight of the night was when sophomore Quarterback Sam Sulam connected on a 79 yard touchdown pass to sophomore Wide Receiver Nnamdi Armour in the fourth quarter. Senior Foreign Exchange student Alvaro Catalayud converted on his first ever extra-point attempt to complete the Ribet scoring.

The Fighting Frogs will travel to Banning for a week 4 clash against San Joaquin League opponent Twin Pines. Kick-Off is set for Friday September 28 at 3:00PM at Twin Pines High School.

Check back for more Ribet Academy school and sports news!