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3636 E. Maceo Street, Mount Washington

3636 E. Maceo Street, Mount Washington, Offered for sale at: $7,500

Lot is approximately at the end of the fence line at the last house on Maceo Street. Great views. Lot begins adjacent to the fence going uphill. Check with Building, Safety & Planning with City. Buyer to do own investigations and survey of property line. Sold "as is".



3618 Camino Real, Mount Washington

3618 Camino Real, Mount Washington, Offered for sale at: $7,500

Vacant land. Lot is between Andalusia Ave. and Beech. See plat map. Slope with views. Check with Building, Safety and City Planning. Buyer to do own investigation and survey of property line. Sold "as is".




2825 N. Prewett, Lincoln Heights

2825 N. Prewett, Offered for sale at: $10,000

Vacant land. Land is at the top of the hill sloping down. Great views. Check with City Building, Safety & Planning. Buyer to do own investigations and survey of property line. Sold "as is".

Wine and Song at Firefly Bistro Wednesday April 25

Extraordinary Singer/Songwriters from far and wide descend upon Firefly Bistro every Wednesday night. Wine and Song starts at 7pm and wraps up around 9:30.

This Wednesday, April 25 you'll find two incredible artists: Kara Grainger and Carlos Guitarlos


LA Weekly says: “If you’re going to name yourself Carlos Guitarlos, you’d better make sure you’re a damned good guitarist. So good, in fact, that you can play anywhere, out on the streets or in a fancy concert hall, with the uncanny ability to pull from memory just about any blues-rock classic and, on top of that, play it in a style that’s uniquely your own. And then, somehow, you should also be so good that you can write and sing dozens of your own originals, in all manner of genres, from bewitchingly sad ballads and deft Beatles-like pop structures to ragingly dirty blues and Latin soul. You’d better be so good that you can become a waste case midway through your long career and piss off all of your remaining friends and end up living on the street, and — when you finally stagger back to your feet like a punch-drunk boxer — still play like a mother and earn the plaudits of a new generation of loyal fans. —Falling James”

Five CDS are currently available from this rockin’, roots, Americana singer/songwriter/guitarist… Straight from the Heart, Hell Can Wait, Handsome Wolf (live), Sing An Honest Song (acoustic), The Innocent Remains (acoustic), …     That’s 72 songs….

Please come and enjoy this show!

April 25, 2012  7:00 - 9:30 PM
Firefly Bistro
1009 El Centro Street
South Pasadena CA 91030

Saturday, April 14, NELAart presents: SECOND SATURDAY GALLERY NIGHT

Saturday, April 14, NELAart presents: SECOND SATURDAY GALLERY NIGHT

WHEN: The Second Saturday of Every Month 7:00-10:00p.m.
WHERE: Highland Park and surrounding neighborhoods.

NELAart Second Saturday Gallery Night is a free self-guided tour of the galleries, non-profits and artist run project spaces located in Northeast Los Angeles (NELA).

NELA has a tradition in the arts that dates back to the early 1900s.

The tradition continues with new spaces opening regularly. NELA is now one of L.A.’s most exciting destinations to view contemporary art.

(Individual gallery hours may vary)

The Annex at Avenue 50 Studio is proud to present Willie Middlebrook, 2009 COLA recipient and 2012 Durfee Awardee

Avenue 50 Studios, 121 North Avenue 50

Bike Oven / Flying Pigeon, 3706 North Figueroa Street

Cactus, 4534 Eagle Rock Boulevard

Cafe de Leche, 5000 York Boulevard

Curve Line Space, 1577 Colorado Boulevard

Future Studio, 5558 North Figueroa Street

hi tree, 131 North Avenue 50 (behind Avenue 50 Studio)

Finster Studio, 2638 North Figueroa Street

La tierra de la Cuebra, 240 South Avenue 57

Showtime, 5050 York Boulevard

Leanna Lin’s Wonderland, 5024 Eagle Rock Boulevard

Matters of Space

Mi Vida, 5159 York Boulevard

New Stone Age Mosiacs, 4532 1/2 Eagle Rock Boulevard

New Puppy, Unit 1, 2808 Elm Street

Platform, 5027 York Boulevard

Anatomy (A Pop-Up Gallery), 5215 York

She Rides the Lion, 133 North Avenue 50

The Glass Studio, 5052 York Boulevard

THIS, 5906 North Figueroa Street

Toros Pottery, 4962 Eagle Rock Boulevard

2 Tracks Art Studio, 135 North Avenue 50 (Next to Avenue 50 Studio)

Verbre Studio and Gallery, 4540 Eagle Rock Boulevard

York Studios, 5029 York Boulevard

The York, 5018 York Boulevard

An Orange Door, 3188 Verdugo Road

THIS, 5906 North Figueroa Street

RicRok’s Tattoo, 6181 North Figueroa Street

Meridian, 5007 1/2 York Boulevard

Sunray Art Gallery, 6421 North Figueroa Street

Sawhorse, 5110 York Boulevard

Possession Vintage, 5119 York Boulevard

The Navarro Residence, 5704 Baltimore

Pop-Hop, 5002 York Boulevard