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NELA Second Saturday Art Walk March 12, 2016 7:00—10:00PM

NELA Second Saturday Art Walk Night Saturday March 12, 2016 7:00—10:00PM

Please join us for NELA Second Saturday Art Walk Night

Saturday March 12, 2016 7:00—10:00PM


5526 North Figueroa Street, Highland Park, CA 90042

For an exhibition of international artists titled “Intervistas”


In January of 2014, a group of international artists came together in Puente Alto, Chile to create large scale public mosaic art.

We are honored that several of those same international artists are contributing work for our “Intervistas” exhibition, including Rafael Matias of United States, Andrea Neumeyer of Germany, Se Van Weert of Holland, Kristen Jones of Germany, Elizabeth Raybee of United States, Nesilhan Zabci Erdal of Turkey, Melanie Watts of New Zealand, Robert Markey of United States, Stephanie Roberts of Wales, and Philippe Vignal of France. The exhibit is curated by Rafael Matias.

And we are pleased to present great live music. The Carlos Guitarlos Band delivers authentic Blues, Rhythm & Blues, Americana and Rockin' Roots brought forth from a lifetime of experience and hard living.


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The SECOND SATURDAY of every month is ART GALLERY NIGHT in NORTHEAST LOS ANGELES. Galleries, artist studios, businesses, shops and restaurants open their doors as the streets fill with shoppers, diners, patrons and interested pedestrians.

Established in 2006, NELA Second Saturday Art Walks provide a free, festive, multi-cultural evening that brings together community friends and art lovers in the historic, eclectic and diverse communities of Northeast Los Angeles.

Over 60 galleries throughout the area participate in the evening, all opening free to the public, with many offering artist receptions, demonstrations and live music.

Bob Taylor Properties, a local real estate office at 5526 North Figueroa Street, participates in NELA Second Saturday Art Night by by hosting a one-night, once-a-month ART and MUSIC EVENT, displaying work by some of the neighborhood's most talented and creative artists.

Open Houses for Sunday March 6, Northeast L. A (NELA!!)

Here is a list of today's open houses in Northeast Los Angeles.


Download Open House List 03-06-2016

If 2016 the year you plan to buy a new home, or sell the home you already own, we hope you will consider choosing Bob Taylor Properties as your real estate brokerage. 

We are local.  We are experts at leasing and selling residential, multi-unit risdential, and commercial properties in the historic, eclectic and diverse communities of Northeast Los Angeles.

We'd love to introduce you to our neighborhood, and assist you in the purchase of a home here.

Lilian Mercado - Above The Rainbow Jewelry


Lilian Mercado - Above The Rainbow Jewelry


Lilian is a frequent exhibitor at NELA Second Saturday Art Walk and other community events.   Lilian is an animal lover and devoted rescue worker,  as well as a jewelry maker with an eye for beautiful things.

Karina Venegas says: 

"Lillian is not only a special person, she is an extraordinary human being. It  is kind of rare to find people like her now a days.

It is almost seems as if she had some type of magic, which she shared with the people she loves and seeks to help.

She sparkles this energy that someway touches your life In some special way.  I am a witness to the many lives she has touched and helped improve or changed around. This applies to animal lives as well.

Another attribute worth mentioning, her humbelness. She rarely speaks of her works.

I am very proud to have Lilian as a friend.  She has a soul of an angel and a heart of gold."


The proceeds from Lilian's jewelry sales help support her pet rescue work.


Visit Lilian's ETSY Shop