Southwest Museum: Saving Los Angeles First Museum and the Arroyo Culture

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Save the Southwest Museum

Charles Fletcher Lummis founded the Southwest Museum to be a comprehensive museum covering the history, science, and art of the American Southwest.

Founded in 1907, the Southwest Museum's permanent home was specifically chosen atop a hill overlooking the Arroyo Seco Valley and since opening in 1914, the Southwest Museum has remained the iconic symbol of Los Angeles' architectural and cultural life.

This gorgeous building became, in many ways, a pivot point that swung the city from an agrarian community to an urban metropolis of the first order.

Today, following years of "backroom negotiations" and unkept promises, the museum is permanently closed, and it's vast collection is unavailable to the public. The architecturally-designed museum structure, now used as a storage warehouse, is void of public life.

The Highland Park Heritage Trust (HPHT) is working hard to re-open the Southwest Museum and to educate the city about all the important treasures of the region's Arroyo Culture. 

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