Equality Not Hate Rally In Lincoln Park

East Los Angeles Rally Sunday!!! 1pm Lincoln Park

PROTEST in the PARK: EQUALITY not H8TE Sponsored by the Latino/a LGBT Coalition latino.lgbt. coalition@ gmail.com

This Sun Nov 9th - 1 pm East LA : Lincoln Park
3501 Valley Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90031

A peaceful rally of the people. We rally then we march. In peace and with dignity... Everyone's voice is needed. Everyone's help is needed to spread the word... REPOST - SEND TO YOUR EMAIL LISTS & CONTACTS - SEND TEXT MESSAGES 

BE THERE! Bring signs, banners, whistles and some friends...

This image was made from a photo taken taken at the marriage ceremony of two dear friends.

I must comment that this joyous celebration was attended by elderly family members, and young children.  I didn't count noses, but my impression was that heterosexual couples outnumbered gay couples.  Believe me, no one felt threatened.

Measure J Affects the Southwest Museum

Measure J on tomorrow's ballot is a $3.5 billion bond for the Los Angeles Community College District.

But did you realize that a YES vote on this measure possibly endangers the Southwest Museum by turning the Museum into a campus? 

Zuma Dogg: Why Measure J (Nov 4) Means ADIOS To The Southwest Museum And It's Billion Dollar Artifcats 

Boulevard Sentinel  (Scroll down to the 14th article)

On the other hand Los Angeles Times takes the YES position and, curiously, although the article was posted in October, there are no comments.  Could it be that some comments have been deleted?  Did any Southwest Museum supporters try to comment there?

Some background information here: Understanding the Southwest Museum Controversy