Behind the custom made wood gate doors sits this beautiful home that encompasses it All. You enter into what will grow into a private front yard; lush and tropical. This Spanish charmer bungalow is right smack in the heart of Echo Park. Close to Downtown, near all the L.A. action and Dodger Stadium and yet located on quiet palm lined street over looking a picturesque Elysian valley,. Amazing views of the city and Downtown L.A. from the deck.

The California bungalow was restored with a wonderful balance of vintage character and integrating some of todays modern comforts. Special attention was given to details. Artistic and stylish tile work throughout house. Gorgeous fireplace in living room. Open floor plan makes entering a breeze…and speaking of entertaining, the party can continue on the terraced backyard to take in the views. One bedroom with its ensuite bath and spacious family room downstairs which leads to an outdoor patio.

Asking price:  $1,498,000

OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY 05/27/2018 (2:00PM-5:00PM)

Just Listed! 1732-1734 Silver Lake Boulevard


1732 – 1734 North Silver Lake Boulevard is a one-of-a-kind mid-century/multi-use property designed by case study architect Kemper Nomland Jr. and built by contractor Bill Jadiker.  Offered for sale at $1,795,000.


(Exterior Views below)
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In the heart of trendy Silver Lake Village, this unique property is comprised of 2 buildings on a large street to street lot.  The front building consists of 3 loft units, 1 bedroom each with hardwood floors, fully applianced kitchens, balcony space, and soaring 20 foot ceilings. There is a separate bonus lower level space with commercial/office potential.


(All 3 loft style units have the same design and floor plan. Below are photos of the interior of Unit #1)
001 002 003 004 005 007 009 006 010 011 012

To the rear of the apartment building stands a separate 2-level 3-bedroom 3-bath house with large office/studio, that showcases Nomland’s modernist design.



(Images of the 3-bedroom house interior and private patio below)


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Just Listed! 6185 Saint Albans, Highland Park ( NELA )

6185 Saint Albans, Highland Park, L. A. CA 90042 (Northeast Los Angeles)

3 bedroom, 2 bath home for sale in NELA! Offered for sale $615,000


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Walking up the stairs to this Highland Park home, as you approach the front door, you will stop to take in the vast views of the Highland Park hillside. As you enter the home into the living room you will appreciate the personality of a home built in 1921. The color scheme will attract your attention as you proceed into the formal dining room. The kitchen is dated with tile counters, the stove top is located in the island. The home has three bedrooms with 1.75 baths. The master bedroom, located at the rear of the home has a bath with ample closets. The back yard is spacious and private with beautiful views of the surrounding area.