Weblogging 101

This blog, NELALIve.net, as you now see it, would probably be classified as a "hyper-local" blog.  It was a "hyper-local" blog before the term was coined.

It seeks to acquaint the reader with the spirit our communities, and occasionally - dare I say -acquaint the reader with the essence of Arroyo Culture.

What is Arroyo Culture? 

Look to the individual that the communities of the Arroyo have chosen as their Patron Saint, Charles Lummis:  Journalist, poet, traveler, outdoorsman, newspaper and magazine editor, historian, archaeologist, folklorist, photographer, Native American rights activist, librarian, preservationist, museum founder, and prodigious lover of dozens of women, and you come close to defining its essence.

We are fiercely independent.  We are outspoken activists in our community.  We feel protective of our hillsides, sycamore groves, and wildlife.  We are tolerant, and cherish our diversity.  Artisans, intellectuals, entrepreneurs and eccentrics are held in high regard.

NELALive.net is also a real estate blog by virtue of the simple fact that I am a real estate broker, and share real estate data here on a regular basis.

Which leads me to Weblogging 101.  Greg Swan, of Bloodhound Blog, a master of real estate weblogging, has assembled a small part of his knowledge and insight into a web book, the first of its kind.  I am proud to announce the creation of that book and proud to provide a permanent link to it here, and in the right sidebar.

Hi, Dustin!


!!!!! Dustin !!!!!

Today, Friday, March 30, from 9:30am - 1:30pm, marketing expert and blogging guru Dustin Luther of Rain City Guide will be presenting a seminar at Hilton Pasadena, 168 South Los Robles Avenue, Pasadena, CA.

On the off-hand chance that Dustin will visit NelaLive.net during his presentation, I figured I would say, "Hi, Dustin, how's it going?"


I am a member of "Active Rain", which is both a social networking community for real estate professionals, and a platform for those professionals to provide real estate information to the general public.

I noticed a few agents posting questions and comments about difficulties in photographing properties.  And I thought ..."there is something I know a little bit about"....  Admittedly, very little. 

But I dove in anyway and began creating a series of basic beginner level photography tutorials.  Soon a couple pro photographers and other serious amateurs were contributing.

After a few months, I realized I wanted a way to save and categorize the posts for future reference, so I started building myphotogroup.com.  And I think myphotogroup.com is almost ready for its debut.

There will probably be more tweaks and revisions to come .... but for now, please allow me to introduce myphotogroup.com   

Please visit, read through the tutorials, and enjoy!


You may have noticed the "Recent Readers" column on the left, provided by MyBlogLog.  MyBlogLog has become rather popular in the real estate blogging community.  Sure, it provides stats, but on a more basic level, I think people just like seeing that their online friends have been reading each others blogs.   

Dustin at Rain City Guide posted his take on MyBlogLog.  And, Dustin, I think that same soft core blogger joined the NELA Live community, too.  Whatever floats your boat.

So, everyone, please feel free to go ahead and click on the "View Reader Community" link, and join MyBlogLog.  It's free.  (The Pro version is $25.00 per year)  I'd enjoy seeing some local faces.  And we'll see how it goes.

Extreme Makeover: RSS Reader

A news reader to handle RSS subscriptions to all your favorite blogs is a wonderful, convenient thing.  That is, until it gets bogged down with subscriptions to blogs you no longer read, or no longer exist, and stacks of unread posts that you might read "someday", but never really will.

Newsgator Well, today I did it.  I cleaned house.  I deleted all that old stuff.  Then starting fresh, I re-subcribed to all the blogs I read these days.  And I set Newsgator to "mark all posts read" as soon as I look at them.  No cheating. 

So I guess, for now I'm sticking with Newsgator.  Now that's its all cleaned up, it seems brand new.

You can try Newsgator for yourself here:  http://www.newsgator.com 

Google's Newsreader:  http://www.google.com/help/reader/transition.html

Bloglines is popular, too:  http://www.bloglines.com/

MySpace to Market Real Estate?

I read a funny article about a few of my colleagues here in San Diego and the success they've had marketing to the MySpace generation. It was in the Voice of San Diego and this article featured an agent named Seth O'Byrne.  I have communicated with Seth a few times and can tell you that this is a young man that has his pulse on the 20-something market.


Business Week writes about how the MySpace Generation is used to receiving information instantaneously.  It's obvious that technology and speed will be important to capture these teens and twenty-somethings when they start buying homes in 3-10 years.

Finally, although this site requires registration, this article called "Marketing to the MySpace Generation" discusses the phenomenon of social networking, the growth of myspace to over 120 milion users.  I logged onto Myspace in early 2005 and I was pretty much the oldest person there. 

My Group on MySpace, MLS on MySpace, has close to 900 real estate professionals as members.  It is a place for professional Realtors to publish their listings. Please check it out and see how the MySpace Generation of Realtors is communicating with each other.  While you're there, check out my home page and request me as a friend. 

My summary of these articles is:

MySpace is not a flash in the pan nor is it a "haven for sexual predators".  With over 120 million users, the bulk of whom will be first-time homebuyers in five years, it is silly not to incorporate this site into your long-term online marketing strategy.  10 years ago, the buzz was "are you on the world wide web?" 

Today, it's "what's your myspace?"

Google Notebook: Really Useful Tool

Googlenotebook Google recently released Google Notebook.
This is handy!  You can copy and paste snippets of information from a web page into a page in the Google notebook.  Handy if you're researching stuff.  Might be handy for keeping track of listed properties if you are searching for a home.

Grand Prix Of Blogging

Yesterday I was witness to an amazing event (or dumb stunt, depending of your point of view).  It started when Sellius issued a challenge:  Could anyone complete 101 cogent blog posts in one 24 hour day? 

Ardell DellaLoggia of Seattle took the challenge and dared Greg Swann of Phoenix to race her to the finish line.  Both competitors completed the 101 posts within 24 hours.

Goldcup2 As reported by Sellisus:  "Greg was first to set a single day blogging record by writing 100 blog posts today. He performed the remarkable feat in less than the 24 hours alotted. He sat on the 100th post for many hours and as a true gentleman, allowed Ardell to catch up to 100 so they could make history together and post 101 almost simultaneously. "

Both bloggers wrote excellent quality posts.  Each wrote longer posts that were informative and eloquent, interspered with shorter posts that took on the sharp-edged clarity of a traditional Haiku poem.

Property Monger provided real-time post-by-post coverage and entertaining commentary.

I figure this day will go into the annals of Real Estate Blogging.  Years from now, the posts will be the stuff of textbooks, and Real Estate trainers will be drawing the timeline on whiteboards and saying "Now let's refer to Swann's #39" or "today's assignment is loyalty as discussed in DellaLoggia's #10".

They're Off

Blogoff The Sellsius 101 Blog Challenge has begun.  Greg Swann, Bloodhound Blog and Ardell DellaLoggia, Searching Seattle are locked in a one-on-one stuggle.  Who will be the first to write 101 cogent blog posts in a single 24 hour period.

As of 4:00 AM, West Coast time, Greg has an early lead:  20 posts by Greg to 9 by Ardell.  All posts by both contestants are informative and well written.  Watch for the pace to quicken with the first light of day!

Property Monger is providing excellent play-by-play coverage.

Grand Prix Of Blogging

Blogathon2 Sellius Blog proposed a Blogging Marathon:  Is there a blogger out there who can write 101 posts in one 24 hour day?

Ardell DellaLoggia, Searching Seattle, took the challenge and dared Greg Swann, Bloodhound Blog, to race her to the finish line.  The match will take place Tuesday, September 26, starting at 12:00 AM, running through midnight.  Which will blog out 101 posts first?

Property Monger has promised post-by-post coverage of the 24 hour event.

Since both Greg and Ardell are intelligent, progressive, out-spoken Real Estate commentators, this should be interesting!

What's In A Name?

Tech people have been using the term "Web 2.0" for a while now.  Back in August, David G posted a simple way of understanding Web 2.0 in a comment on Rain City Guide, which is basically this: 

     "Web 1.0 was the web you could read. Web 2.0 is the web you can both read and *write*. "

Anyone can read this post in the NELaLive Blog - and anyone/everyone can write a comment back, creating a dialogue.  Web 2.0 is interactive.  Web 1.0 was static.

Anyway, many progressive Real Estate people like the idea, and have started using the term "Real Estate 2.0".

An edgy, new blog turned up with the name "Real Estate 2.0"

OK. Well it turns out, alternative-business-model real estate start-up, Redfin, says they have registered the term "Real Estate 2.0" as a trademark. And the Real Estate 2.0 blog received a letter to cease and desist.

You can bet this has sparked plenty of discussion in the Real Estate Blogosphere:

Sellius:  http://blog.sellsiusrealestate.com/?p=2100

Bloodhound: http://www.bloodhoundrealty.com/BloodhoundBlog/?p=355

360 Digest: http://360digest.com/2006/09/19/real-estate-20-tm/

Ardell on RCG: http://www.raincityguide.com/2006/09/19/jeez-louise-web-20/

Ande here's the original Real Estate 2.0, now known as Real Estate 2.x: http://realestate20.wordpress.com/2006/09/19/real-estate-20-renaming-ceremony/