Weblogging 101

This blog, NELALIve.net, as you now see it, would probably be classified as a "hyper-local" blog.  It was a "hyper-local" blog before the term was coined.

It seeks to acquaint the reader with the spirit our communities, and occasionally - dare I say -acquaint the reader with the essence of Arroyo Culture.

What is Arroyo Culture? 

Look to the individual that the communities of the Arroyo have chosen as their Patron Saint, Charles Lummis:  Journalist, poet, traveler, outdoorsman, newspaper and magazine editor, historian, archaeologist, folklorist, photographer, Native American rights activist, librarian, preservationist, museum founder, and prodigious lover of dozens of women, and you come close to defining its essence.

We are fiercely independent.  We are outspoken activists in our community.  We feel protective of our hillsides, sycamore groves, and wildlife.  We are tolerant, and cherish our diversity.  Artisans, intellectuals, entrepreneurs and eccentrics are held in high regard.

NELALive.net is also a real estate blog by virtue of the simple fact that I am a real estate broker, and share real estate data here on a regular basis.

Which leads me to Weblogging 101.  Greg Swan, of Bloodhound Blog, a master of real estate weblogging, has assembled a small part of his knowledge and insight into a web book, the first of its kind.  I am proud to announce the creation of that book and proud to provide a permanent link to it here, and in the right sidebar.

Hi, Dustin!


!!!!! Dustin !!!!!

Today, Friday, March 30, from 9:30am - 1:30pm, marketing expert and blogging guru Dustin Luther of Rain City Guide will be presenting a seminar at Hilton Pasadena, 168 South Los Robles Avenue, Pasadena, CA.

On the off-hand chance that Dustin will visit NelaLive.net during his presentation, I figured I would say, "Hi, Dustin, how's it going?"


I am a member of "Active Rain", which is both a social networking community for real estate professionals, and a platform for those professionals to provide real estate information to the general public.

I noticed a few agents posting questions and comments about difficulties in photographing properties.  And I thought ..."there is something I know a little bit about"....  Admittedly, very little. 

But I dove in anyway and began creating a series of basic beginner level photography tutorials.  Soon a couple pro photographers and other serious amateurs were contributing.

After a few months, I realized I wanted a way to save and categorize the posts for future reference, so I started building myphotogroup.com.  And I think myphotogroup.com is almost ready for its debut.

There will probably be more tweaks and revisions to come .... but for now, please allow me to introduce myphotogroup.com   

Please visit, read through the tutorials, and enjoy!