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Winter 2007 Classes February -April
Shaping Lives through Art, Education and Community Action

Art Share Los Angeles is a community arts incubator whose mission is to shape lives through art, education and community action. Operating out of a huge converted warehouse in the Artists' District, Art Share offers free art classes with incredibly talented artists. For nine years, Art Share has had inspiring results in creating a variety of programs that address educational and social needs by using the arts, counseling, mentoring and technology as tools for change.

Please call Ricardo Perez at (213) 687-4278 x19 to sign up for classes. He will provide you with the forms you need to fill out. All information received is confidential. If you have difficulty providing the necessary information, fill out as much of it as you can sign it and bring it in. No one will be turned away.

All classes are FREE to students Ages 13 to 22 from low income families. If you are over 22 and you would like to take a class, you can become a Student Mentor within the class of your choice.

All classes are held at Art Share Los Angeles which is located in the downtown Artists' District.

Huizar V. Parra: The Fallout and the Follow-up

Huizar Response to Article Prompts New Questions; New Details Emerge

By Edward Rivera

Last issue's article on 14th District Councilmember Jose Huizar ("Breach of Faith: Who is the Real Jose Huizar") elicited a bizarre response not only from the Council office, but a wide swath of  bloggers and callers who contacted the newspaper with more details. Calling some accusations "outrageous and blatantly false," the councilman responded with a letter to the Arroyo Seco Journal to address the major points of the story. The letter, sent by campaign consultant Parke Skelton, took issue with three allegations against Huizar leveled by his opponent Alvin Parra, and  subsequently investigated by the newspaper.

The three allegations were that: Huizar failed to act when Henry James Lugo, a convicted child molester was at a Council-sponsored event, in violation of his parole, even after Lugo attempted to molest a Huizar staffer's child; that Huizar failed to stop the expanded permit of a Boyle Heights toxic waste transfer station; and that he signed misleading documents while making illegal improvements to a home he owned in El Sereno. While addressing the charges, the letter raised new questions, and new details have emerged which contradict some of Huizar's responses.

(The full text of Huizar's response is available at )

In season at the Old LA (Highland Park) Farmers Market

By Seth Budick - -Cross-posted from NelaList

Farmersmarket_17 Strawberry season in Southern California is a pretty remarkable thing, being essentially endless.  While the summer certainly brings the greatest bonanza of berries, a dozen or so varieties are cultivated in the region, each with its own particular climatological preference, ensuring us a
constant supply of delicious fruit. So, even as production slows in the winter months, we're lucky enough to enjoy a source of sweet berries in the form of Santiago Farms.

While strawberries are fairly ubiquitous at local farmers markets, raspberries are a much rarer treat since they typically prefer the cooler temperatures of Northern California and hit their stride in the summer and fall. Once again though, Santiago Farms, from Nipomo, near San Luis Obispo, comes to the rescue, with wonderful raspberries and blackberries even in winter's midst. Both strawberries and raspberries are very high in vitamin C and fiber, as well as antioxidants, and both are associated with low blood pressure and cardiovascular health. A delicious way of combining these two fruits is to make a mixed berry sauce. Just puree 1C each of raspberries and strawberries and mix in 1/4C sugar; this sauce is perfect for pouring over pancakes, french toast, or ice cream.

For a list of what's in season at the farmers market, as well as recipes and nutritional information on everything you'll find there, take a look at And while you're at the market, enjoy fresh roasted corn and potatoes, tamales and honey pineapple chicken, as well as delicious breads and pastries from Ann's Bakery.

Please stop by the market for fresh, field-ripened, high quality produce from local farmers and spend time with your friends, neighbors and other community members.

The Highland Park Certified Farmers Market is located adjacent to the Highland Park Gold Line station at Marmion Way between Ave. 57 & 58 and operates Tuesdays from 3-7PM.

- Seth Budick