Rosamaria invites you to An Evening of Music, Friends and Food for the KIDS!
Should English Be The Language of Business in America?

Rosamaria invites you to An Evening of Music, Friends and Food for the KIDS!

Rock Rose Gallery, Art Store, Arroyo Books Production Co. and Rehearsal Studio
4108 N. Figueroa St. Highland Park, CA 90065

VISION:"Bridging Communities through the Arts". Rock Rose is a legacy to the work and inspiration of our friend and mentor, C. Bernard Jackson co-founder of Inner City Cultural Center. To be continued...Jack.

MISSION: Rock Rose is a multi-disciplinary/multi-cultural artspace which invites both professional and aspiring young artists to develop and present their work in an environment of community support and collaboration.

Rock Rose Art Gallery
Saturday, March 3, 8-11 p.m.
Donation $5 Featuring

The Pretentious Pidgins blend an array of musical styles ranging from Jazz to Punk, into an organic groove centered new genre they call Junk! Often with a satirical commentary on politics and everyday
life, The Pidgins are constantly stretching perceived "musical limits" into nights where whole sets become improvised and the audience become Pidgins themselves! Centered in Highland Park, CA and growing out of "the Rock Rose Jass Workshop" The Pidgins are sharing their art and ideas with the people and gaining new "Pidgins" everyday.

" Groove Session "
Jam Band / Rock / Nu-Jazz
Manny Sanchez -Drums, Vocal
Ronnie Sanchez -Bass
Greg Lesondak Guitar, vocal
Daniel Delgado - Trumpet, vocal
Direct from Ontario, CA


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