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Los Angeles Mortgage Rates Report: July 25, 2008

Los Angeles River Expedition

On July 25, 2008, a group of hardy adventurers will embark on an extraordinary expedition of the Los Angeles River by kayak and canoe, to demonstrate to developers and the Army Corps of
Engineers that the LA RIVER is indeed a navigable waterway that should be protected and owned by the people of Los Angeles.

A mighty river in previous centuries, Los Angeles River is now one of the most hydraulically modified urban rivers in the world. Nearly seventy-five  percent of the fifty-two mile long river is enclosed in concrete. Channelization of the river  was initiated in 1938 by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as part of a massive flood control project  which continued until the late 1950s.  Interest in returning the river to a more natural state has developed in the last few decades.

Here is the proposed timetable for the expedition:

DAY 1 (Fri., July 25th)

o 3:00 pm. Kick-off ceremony/"launch" at the LA River Headwaters on overpass @ Owensmouth; Canoga Park. Supporters welcome.

o 4:00-5:30 pm. Our group explores the Sepulveda Basin. Supporters can park at the parking lot at Balboa Park soccer fields and look for us on river. {6000 Balboa Blvd, Encino, CA 91316. Thomas Guide pg. 531, D1}

o 5:30-7 pm. Our boats travel from beginning of Sepulveda Basin to take-out @ Burbank Blvd. x LA River (100' or so downriver). Supporters can try to find us along that route, or show support atop the banks @ that take-out. Woodley Ave. is the best place to park cars for take-out.

DAY 2 (Sat., July 26th)

o 9:00 am. Riverside talk with Dr. Jenny Price (cars @ Woodley Ave.; talk just downstream from river @ Burbank Ave.; east/Woodley side of river). Supporters welcome.

o 3:00 pm. Griffith Park / Bette Davis Picnic Area. Supporters welcome for riverside picnic @ park.

o 5:30 pm. Atwater Village / Yoga Park; Los Feliz Blvd. x LARiver (100' downriver from there on east side of river @ Dover St.). A speaker will address the crew and anyone else who wants to show up as supporters.

o 7:30 pm. Marsh Park. (end of Marsh Street, off Riverside Drive). Supporters welcome to riverside chat at the park. {2961 Marsh St., LA, CA 90039. Thomas Guide pg. 5944, F3.}

DAY 3 (Sun., July 26th)

o 11 am - 1 pm. Greetings from downtown bridges for anyone who cares to locate us.

o 1:30 pm. Maywood riverside park. Casual bring-your-own-food picnic lunch at their new park. Supporters welcome.

o 3:30 pm. Compton Creek. Explore Dominguez Gap/Slough. Supporters welcome.

o 5:00 pm. Willow Street Estuary {2500 block of De Forest Ave @ 25th Place, Long Beach, CA 90806; Thomas Guide pg. 795, C3.}. Supporters welcome.

o 7 pm. Final take-out at Shoreline Park in Long Beach. Supporters welcome. Celebrate. Plant the flag. Mingle. Closure.

The official expedition press release:

FOLAR:  Friends of L A River


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