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Highland Park Transit Village

Highland Park Transit Village

Hptransitvillage_2 Developers McCormack Baron Salazar (MBS), are proposing to build condominiums, townhouses, and commercial space on the current site of public parking lots between Figueroa and the Gold Line between Avenues 56 & 59.

The York Blog has some in depth coverage:



Copy of Waltarrrrr's brochure here:

http://highlandpark.files.wordpress.com/2008/04/hptv.pdf   (Don't believe everything you read on the internet)  :-)

If you'd like to voice your opinions or concerns, here is your chance:

The Highland Park Chamber of Commerce & Kiwanis Club of Greater Highland Park invite you to attend a presentation on the new Proposed Highland Park Transit Village.

McCormack Barron Salazar, the project developer, will present the renderings as projected to date for your input.

Two presentations are scheduled for your convenience.

The first is Wednesday, August 6th, 7:00PM at La Casa Blue 5930 York Blvd.

The second is Thursday, August 7th, Noon -1:30PM at the Los Angeles Police Museum (regular Kiwanis meeting time) 6045 York Blvd.

Both meeting are open to the general public and FREE.

Food & refreshments will be available on Wednesday night and Lunch @$6.00 per person on Thursday.

Please RSVP to Heinrich Keifer 323-385-4935


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