New Mural at Los Paisanos
Eagle Rock Music Festival This Saturday October 4

Tuesday is Farmer's Market Day

This week's Featured Vendor:

Do you like mixed nuts? Check out Avitua Farms.  Avitua Farms has been with the market from the very beginning. Run by Joe Avitua, whose been farming in Exeter since 1985. He specializes in citrus, apples, stone fruits and grapes, farming nearly 100 acres.

When you come to Old L A Farmer's Market, Avitua Farms is located at the southern-most location on Ave. 58 close to Figueroa; you'll see a selection of nuts (pecans, macadamians, walnuts, etc.) and dried fruits (raisins, persimmons, many others), all grown at the Avitua farm.

The Old L.A. Farmers Market in Highland Park is open every Tuesday, from 3 to 8, on Avenue 58 between North Figueroa and Marmion Way, and along Marmion Way.


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