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Recovery Discovery Tour Its Not Too Late


Recovery Discovery Tour tickets are $10 in advance and $15 on the day of the Tour. Advance tickets are still available at Galco's Soda Pop Stop, 5702 York Boulevard in Highland Park or on-line at Hurry!
You may think, "Wow, 17 years! Hmmm, 17 years? There's always next year." Well, maybe not. You never know when there will be another chance to visit any of this years' 100 artists' homes and studios. What wonderful treasures might you miss? For example, new to the Tour this year are Margaret Alarcon, Kraig Blue, Molly Cleator, Carol Es, Matthew Freeth, Betty Phoenix Wan Hamada, David Reed James, Stephen James, Rebecca Janes, Susan Loraine Kromka, Irma LaPointe, Antionette Miller, Earl Parson, Michelle Perone, Rebecca Quesada, Darren Ragle, Gigi Scully, Richard Scully, Warner Traynham and Mark Verrillo. 2003 was the last time Steven Anderson was on the Tour. Now he's back. What's he been up to? Or you might want to see what Linda Lyke, Raoul De la Sota, Margaret Garcia, Michael Arata and J. Michael Walker, to name a few, have been up to this year.
You can walk, bike, take your car or leave the driving to us. Let the Arroyo Arts Collective plan your itinerary with one of our shuttle routes.
And have you heard about the Arroyo Bucks? What's up with that? Because this is the Recovery Discovery Tour we're offering a little financial stimulus package of our own. When you spend $100 or more on the work of any one artist your Arroyo Buck will give you a $10 discount.That's the Tour for free. What a deal!
WHO: The Arroyo Arts Collective
WHAT:    17th Annual Recovery Discovery Tour
WHEN:    Sunday, November 22, 2009, 9:30am to 5pm
WHERE:  Lummis Home, 200 E. Avenue 43, Los Angeles  90031 

NELA Art Second Saturday Gallery Night, November 14

Tonight, November 14, NELAart presents: SECOND SATURDAY GALLERY NIGHT 

WHEN: Every Second Saturday 7:00-10:00p.m.
WHERE: Highland Park and surrounding neighborhoods.

NELAart Second Saturday Gallery Night is a free self-guided tour of the galleries, non-profits and artist run project spaces located in Northeast Los Angeles (NELA).

NELA has a tradition in the arts that dates back to the early 1900s.

The tradition continues with new spaces opening regularly. NELA is now one of L.A.'s most exciting destinations to view contemporary art. 

Individual gallery hours may vary:

Avenue 50 Studios, 121 North Avenue 50

Bike Oven, 3706 North Figueroa Street

Cactus, 5434 Eagle Rock Boulevard

Cafe de Leche, 5000 York Boulevard

Drkrm, 2121 San Fernando Road

Future Studio, 5558 North Figueroa Street

hi tree, 131 North Avenue 50 (behind Avenue 50 Studio)

Jose Vera Fina Art, 2012 Colorado Boulevard

Judson Studios, 200 South Avenue 66

Kristi Engle Gallery, 5002 York Boulevard

The Land of Odd Gallery, 4690 Eagle Rock Boulevard

La Tierra de la Culebra, 240 North Avenue 57

MorYork Gallery, 4959 York Boulevard

New Puppy, 2808 Elm Street, Unit 1

New Stone Age Mosiacs, 4532 1/2 Eagle Rock Boulevard

Outpost for Contemporary Art, 1268 North Avenue 50

Sea and Space Explorations, 4755 York Boulevard

She Rides The Lion, 133 North Avenue 50 (behind Avenue 50 Studio)

Southwest Museum, 234 Museum Drive

Toros Pottery, 4962 Eagle Rock Boulevard

Two Track Art Studio, 135 North Avenue 50 (next to Avenue 50 Studio)

Verbre Studio and Gallery, 4540 Eagle Rock Boulevard

At Avenue 50 Studio Sunday, November 15 , 2009, 2 - 6 p.m.


Victor M. Valle

A Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter exposes one of the biggest municipal corruption scandals of the last century

Sunday, November 15 , 2009, 2 - 6 p.m.

Founded in 1957, the Southern California suburb prophetically named the City of Industry today represents, in the words of Victor M. Valle, “the gritty crossroads of the global trade revolution that is transforming Southern California factories into warehouses, and adjacent working class communities into economic and environmental sacrifice zones choking on cheap goods and carcinogenic diesel exhaust.”

City of Industry is a stunning exposé on the construction of corporate capitalist spaces. Valle investigated an untapped archive of Industry’s built landscape, media coverage, and public records, including sealed FBI reports, to uncover a cascading series of scandals. A kaleidoscopic view of the corruption that resulted when local land owners, media barons, and railroads converged to build the city, this suspenseful narrative explores how new governmental technologies and engineering feats propelled the rationality of privatization using their property-owning servants as tools.

Valle’s tale of corporate greed begins with the city’s founder James M. Stafford and ends with present day corporate heir, Edward Roski Jr., the nation’s biggest industrial developer—co-owner of the L.A. Staples Arena and possible future owner of California’s next NFL franchise. Not to be forgotten in Valle’s captivating story are Latino working class communities, living within Los Angeles’s distribution corridors, who suffer wealth disparities and exposure to air pollution as a result of diesel-burning trucks, trains, and container ships that bring global trade to their very doorsteps. They are among the many victims of the City of Industry.

Victor M. Valle is a professor and chair of the ethnic studies department at California State Polytechnic University. An investigative reporter formerly with the Los Angeles Times, he is the coauthor of Latino Metropolis, as well as several other books, articles, and literary collections.

“The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Victor Valle is the pit bull of Los Angeles
writers. In the mid-1980s he sunk his teeth into a story about corruption in the
strange city-state of Industry, and he never let go. Now, after twenty years of
relentless sleuthing, he tells a tale of epic greed that began in the dusty hills east
of Los Angeles but now engrosses the very centers of power in Southern
California’s Pacific Rim economy. As a noirish revelation of power and secret
history of L.A., this is a stunning non-fiction sequel to Robert Towne’s ‘Chinatown.’”

—Mike Davis, author of City of Quartz.

Countdown to Arroyo Arts Collective Recovery Discovery Tour November 22: Meet Artist Carol Es

On Sunday, November 22, artists' homes and studios throughout the Northeast Los Angeles Communities of Highland Park, Eagle Rock, Mount Washington will open their doors during "The Recovery Discovery Tour," the Arroyo Arts Collective's 17th annual self-guided auto tour.

The Moppet Studio of Carol Es will be one of the featured destinations on the Arroyo Arts Collective Recovery Discovery Tour.

Carol Es is a visionary mixed-media fine artist and writer with curatorial experience, as well as a musician and recording artist, and a web designer skilled in PHP and MySQL databases, DHTML and Java scripting. 

Carol's Blog

Es Art Website

Carol Es on LinkedIn