Countdown to Eagle Rock Music Festival October 2: Drunk on Crutches
Countdown to Eagle Rock Music Festival: Saturday, October 2

Countdown to Eagle Rock Music Festival: October 2, 2010

Eagle Rock Music Festival, October 2, 2010 4:00 - 11:00PM

This year, Free the Robots will appear on Low End Theory Stage (located near The Coffee Table Bistro)

"Chris Alfaro is Free the Robots. The genre-defying artist pulls together heavy doses of traditional jazz, psych, electronic and hip-hop, with progressive melodies and devastating drums into a rich pot of sound. His techniques create harmony between genres with the blending of obscure samples with analog and digital compositions."


Free the Robots at the 2009 Eagle Rock Music Festival:


P.S. In this Eagle Rock Music Festival 2009 video, Free the Robots is performing in the parking lot of Panang Restaurant

Eagle Rock Music Festival 2010

Interactive Venue Map


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