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Remembering Katrina

Hurricane Katrina was the one of the deadliest hurricanes in the history of the United States. In addition to the horrific human tragedy, tens of thousands of domestic and wild animals perished from drowning, starvation, disease, and misfortune, while many others were separated from the people who loved them. Snowball

As America marks the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina's ruinous landfall, I spent some time revisiting the animal rescue blogs and web-sites that I followed in the weeks following the devastation.

Pasado's Safe Haven

ASPCA Remembering Katrina

Best Friends Animal Society

EARS Emergency Animal Rescue Service

Noah's Wish

Mutt Shack

Humane Society of United States

American Humane Association

Snowball's Chance


Claudia Castro

Hi Cheryl!

I just had dinner with a friend of mine who just got back from New Orleans to help. She said the place looked exactly the same to how it looked back in March. She went with an organization called HOPEworldwide.

We are both working together to create an annual carnival on MLK day for a school in South LA. This has really spurred me on to stay in touch with the helping the community.

Claudia Castro

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