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My Required Reading Real Estate Blogs

My Required Reading Real Estate Blogs

A few days ago, Dustin at Rain City Guide mentioned the 400+ stories in his feed reader and I thought, yeah, I can so relate.  So I thought, what if I had to limit my Industry Blog reading to say, 10 blogs each day... nah, impossible ... I think I could probably cut it to 12 ...(groan) ... no, I just need one more, really .... so here it is ... the list of My 13 Required Reading Real Estate Industry Blogs  ... no, wait, there are 14.... Oh. Well.  I really, really, admire Ardell DellaLoggia's dedication to her clients, and her straight-up descriptions of how our real estate business works.  And kudos to Dustin for putting it all together.  Greg Swann is highly intelligent and very articulate.  I don't always agree, but his posts are always thought provoking.  By now you can tell, I appreciate people who tell-is-like-it-is.  Grunt is one of the good guys.  Our own L. A. Curbed. Cool, edgy, irreverent.  And the authors are good looking, too.  Common sense, data and logic.  A very sexy combination.  Late breaking Real Estate news items from all over. Trends in the age of Web 2.0.  The Sellius product itself is not yet live, but they keep up a very informative blog.  More trends and juicy news.   I like Zillow's blog.  I like Zillow.  I think Zillow offers a useful service.  The Zillow numbers can get people into the ballpark.  It's our job to figure out whether the seat is in the bleachers or behind home plate. Zillow was a moving force behind Carnival of Estate.  And did I say I like Zillow?  Bay area info with an edge. Opinions and Bay area info.  From the Bubble Blog camp.  I think its important to see all opinions from all sides of the market.  Created by a real estate broker, but the content is not limited to real estate.  It's a daily collection of interesting and bizarre links.  If you are stranded on a desert island, this is the one blog you want.

Uh oh.  I left out Seattle Real Estate Professionals .  What is it with these Seattle people?  Maybe its that the whole culture of the city is very tech-oriented.

And then if you want to track the most influential Real Estate Blogs out there, go to PUB SUB for daily stats.


Joseph Ferrara

Thank you Cheryl for including Sellsius on your required reading list. We love your picks as well. It's nice to be recognized with our blog brethren on the left coast, along with the master chartist J. Miller and the entrenched grunt. And I'll include the Tomato since Jim was squeezed back east. Congrats to all and see you in the comment sections.

jf & rdb

PS Public thank yous to Glenn Roberts at Inman, Dustin at RCG, Jonathan, and especially to our long standing NYC buddy
p grunt, all of whom have given the Sellsius idea valuable & encouraging press.

Hey, this is beginning to sound like an acceptance speech... I bettter stop now.

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